Summer Projects

Dear Sacred Heart Parishioners,

Perhaps you have noticed something as the warmer days have finally arrived. It is much warmer in the church that normal because recently three out of the four air conditioner units have completely broken down. The repairs to the units would be more costly than buying all new units that are more efficient. According to our records the AC units are over 20 years old! They served us well, but now it is time for new ones. The furnace in the back sacristy is also broken. The estimated costs for this important project is about $30,000. If we raise the first half of this amount, we can get two new AC units which will get us through this summer, purchasing the other units next year spreading out the cost. Another pressing project for this summer which may be bundled into the AC project is the large cross over the skylight needs to be repaired and repainted. We did so great last year raising the funds necessary for the new floor and WOW does it look great. And we should be so proud as a parish on how we are responding so generously to Bishop’s Catholic Services Appeal – we are only short $6,000. We know that adding one more financial burden is not easy, but together we can tackle this important project and ensure that our parish buildings are well maintained and most importantly KEPT COOL during the summer months.