Holy Family Advent Tea 2018

What a wonderful Advent Tea we had as we celebrated the first week of Advent. Thank you to the 175 women who took the time away from their busy schedules to share in an evening of prayer, fellowship, reflection, and as always, a delicious dessert and a hot cup of tea.

A Special Thank You:

 To our Hostesses: Blinda Baker, Karen Blackmore, Chris Bolen, June Brown, Janet Coyer, Karen Dzuiba, Marci Ferguson, Eva Finley, Pattie Greenen, Sharon Gracik, Sue & Alexis Grover, Angie Harwood, Sharon Langley, Beth Lixey, Dolores Marlinga, Ria Mendiola, Debbie Mioduch, Kathy Moon, Nan Moran, Amy Rogers, Mary Sass, Karen Strughold.

To our bakers of the delicious cake:  Blinda Baker, Karen Blackmore, June Brown, Jo-Ella Cholger, Kathy Curry, Karen Drozdowska, Jane Hunke, Phyllis Jacot, Dolores Marlinga, Sherry Mirasola, Kathy Moon, Amy Rogers, Mary Sass, Gloria Westcott, Sharon Zimmerman.

To Corena Revord and Jane Hunke for helping as greeters!

To Wendy LaVoie for sharing her words of wisdom and helping us to laugh!

To those involved with the church program:  Blinda Baker, Tina Donzi, Alexis Grover, Beth Lixey, Katie Nimcheski, Maggie & Ted Wasilewski.

To the men who served us (and did the dishes):  Bill Brown, Bill Carpenter, Dennis Claire, Dick Descho, Eric Griesmer, Stan Harwood, Bob Krumbach, Dick LaPeer, Bob Lesinski, Bill Lixey, Dave Lixey, Terry Marlinga, Dale Moon, Chris Norton, Fernando Pacia, Charles Shuart, Brother Mike Whitman, Ralph Zimmerman.

To Bill Erickson, Chris Langley and Mark Wainwright for setting up the tables and chairs and helping with the other building logistics.

And to the “angels” who took the linens home to wash, I do not know who you are but your help is truly appreciated!

Thank you all so very much for your help.  It was truly a special evening for everyone who attended.  May God bless you as you continue this Advent journey to Christmas!